18 Sept – Who am I?


​I think everyone is guilty of trying to be someone they aren’t. And I am totally no exception to this fact! I’ve tried acting like my favourite celebrities, friends, and even family members. I think it’s the whole Cinderella complex that gets us all in a spin. ‘If I could just get that guy/girl to notice me’, or ‘I could just get better at’…get the picture? ​ We usually show our best sides when we don’t realise it; when we think no one’s watching or when we have ‘released our inhibitions’. There is such a freedom in being who you really are. Take Lucy from the Narnia series for example. Lucy is this amazingly deep, strong, kind character that arises to any challenge no matter how dangerous. She changed the lives of so many around her and we watch her develop into her full potential throughout all 3 movies. Yet, in the third movie, Lucy tries to become someone she’s not because she can’t see that she is worth so much more as herself than any other person she could imagine! Now I absolutely love this movie for many reasons! 1. Because let’s face it, Prince Caspian is Christmas, Valentine’s Day and National Chocolate day all rolled into one. But besides that, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sheds light on this Cinderella Complex that everyone falls prey to, even guys (although to keep their macho man appearance in tact we probably should come up with another name!) When Lucy is wishing she was Susan and finds a way to change herself, she realises the value she holds. None of her siblings would have discovered Narnia and had their lives radically changed for the better if it weren’t for her!

So instead of talking ourselves down, why don’t we try looking at our lives and count every small moment when we did something well, stepped out of our comfort zone, challenged ourselves, or wore that dress we thought we would never be brave enough for…just to name a few. If you need to, write it down and save them in a jar for a rainy day. I can guarantee focusing on the fun, colourful, vibrant, kick-butt parts of life, you are well on your way to becoming a happier, stronger you who no longer looks anywhere but to Jesus for happiness and approval!

God created us in His image, He shaped us to be like we are. Why would we want to be any different?

If you are having any doubt about what God wants for your life, or why you are the way you are, I would recommend reading Jeremiah. God shows how intricate the detailing of our lives is and His hand in all of it!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for how much you care for me. Help me to remember that Your plans for my life, even when I can’t see what they are, are so awesome that I couldn’t even dream them. You are always in control, help me to hear your voice and see the opportunities you have created so I don’t miss a minute of your awesomeness! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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