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21 January - Bend, Don't Break

Most of us love the idea of the beach with its crystal blue waters, gentle breeze, and sunshine, and us sitting underneath one of those giant tropical-looking palm trees sipping our favourite beverage.

But in addition to this image of relaxation and calm, I am reminded of the strength of those palm tree giants and how they can withstand the hurricane-force winds that uproot and destroy many larger, older, and more majestic trees.

The palm trees’ secret to staying in one piece through huge, devastating storms is that they bend almost down to the ground when a strong wind blows, and it’s that ability which allows them to survive where other trees would be uprooted.

These tall giants display strength and flexibility under pressure. Their ability to flex and be resilient and elastic enables them to survive when faced with powerful winds that are part of life.

The palm tree is a good example of how we can respond positively when faced with the pressures of life that threaten to damage and uproot us from our dreams, goals and purpose.

We don’t have to be destroyed by the storms of life when we choose to remain steadfast, resilient, and flexible and learn how to lean into Jesus so that we can flow with the wind rather than be battered by its force.

Choose to weather the storm wisely rather than spend all your energy lashing out at your circumstances and people, which only causes you to run the risk of breaking or being damaged as a person.

When destructive energy, pressure or just the busyness of life comes along, resist brokenness by being flexible and resilient like a palm tree. It’s good to keep in mind that you don’t have to go into battle with every single confrontation or drama that blows your way.

Sometimes it’s better to be prepared to adjust, be flexible and let the storm pass rather than be caught up in hurricane winds of fuss which can potentially uproot and rob you of your joy and the resources and energy to achieve your dreams and goals.

I’ve discovered it’s smarter to learn to lean into Jesus and to flow with Him rather than put yourself in harm’s way where you could break.

When powerful forces push you and stress and anxiety threaten to uproot you, adjust your focus, look to Jesus, seek His way of doing things for the best course of action or attitude to have and let the storm pass rather than break.

Doing so will free you from the stress and anxiety that threatens to uproot your world, and you’ll also get to know who God is, how much he loves you and that He is there for you while also increasing your strength and bounce back ability when under pressure.

“The strength and flexibility of palm trees inspire us to flow beautifully through all of life’s moments while remaining graceful and standing strong.”

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for helping me be flexible and adjust when circumstances around me are threatening to steal my peace and joy. Please help me to walk through today remembering that You promise peace for all those who find rest in You - regardless of the situations around me. In Jesus' name Amen.

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