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23 Dec – Plans that won’t be stopped.

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One of the things I’ve discovered about God is that His plans won’t be thrawted -as in stopped or prevented. No matter what the situation God will be working behind the scenes orchestrating and lining up things to come together at the appointed time. There may be difficulties, mistakes and even road-blocks along our journey but if we stick with God and continue to walk in faith and love, His plan and purpose for our lives will come to pass.

A great example of God’s plans not being thrawted is the account of Jesus’ birth. No matter how immense the odds were against Jesus safely arriving God just kept on with his preparation and plan to save the world. Threats of stoning Mary as an adulteress, a confused Joseph who was going to quietly disconnect himself from Mary so she would have been left alone and an unwed mother, a census which meant travelling heavily pregnant, no accommodation to give birth in and a murderous jealous King intent on killing Jesus were all not enough to stop God’s plan to bring peace, hope and salvation to the world from happening.

When I read of the faith and tenacity of Mary and Joseph and the out outworking of God’s plan I am encouraged because they were just ordinary people entrusted with an extraordinary call on their lives. They chose to align their lives with God’s purpose and said, “yes” to His plan, and trusted Him enough to step out in faith and believe what He had spoken. They were given the task of caring for Jesus until He grew up and could fulfill the plan to override the devils intent to steal, kill and destroy permanently from all mankind and that plan would not be stopped because God was behind it.

Regardless of any efforts to undermine and destroy God’s plan to bring hope, joy and forgiveness to the world nothing could stop God’s purpose from being fulfilled. He won, and He is still winning because He also says He has plans for each one of us. Plans to give us a hope, plans not to harm us but to give us a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) Plans to do exceedingly more than we can ask or think or possibly imagine. Plans, which when He starts He will be faithful to complete. (Ephesians 3:20; Hebrews 13:8).

Today no matter where you have come from or what you may be going through know that if you stay holding onto Jesus and keep walking in faith and love, His purpose and plan for your life cannot and will not be stopped. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and faithful to complete all that He has started and which concerns you. Bring your questions, requests, dreams, your heart’s desires to Him and trust that as you choose to seek Him and His ways first and to delight in Him with all your heart He will bring it to pass, because our plans when aligned with His plans will not be thrawted!

Prayer: Lord thankyou that nothing can permanently stand in the way of your plan for my life coming to pass when I keep walking with you in faith and love. There may be difficulties along the road but I thankyou that with you by my side I’m going to be okay. Help me to remember that today. In Jesus name amen

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