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24 Oct – I can’t go back

Today I realised I really can’t go back to what I knew or how I was before. Actually I’ve known that for quite some time. Gods totally messed me up for the “normal”.

So what you might ask, can’t I go back to?

I can’t go back to living driven by, and under the expectations of others.

I can’t go back to praying from down here when I know I can “go up” and see, hear and experience heaven and pray and hang out there.

I can’t go back to not expecting to see way out, weird, cool stuff that God wants to show to me. To having dreams, visions, encounters and seeing how the universe works from heavens view.

I can’t go back to doing “meetings’, leading programs and trying to keep people happy just so they won’t leave and go somewhere else.

Nope..I can’t go back. So instead I’m choosing:

To go into the unknown wherever Jesus leads, even if that looks totally unfamiliar and down right scary at times.

To expect heavenly encounters and for angel’s, the cloud of witnesses and other heavenly things to show up; for gold dust, jewels, miracles, manifestations and Gods glory to be visible and evident. That’s what I  want and is my new normal.

I’m choosing to be okay when people, even those close to us, might get a little freaked out when I share or experience something I’ve seen, heard or had revealed by Jesus. I’m choosing to be okay with that even if it means they reject or don’t understand me.

I’m choosing to keep going higher and deeper, because I’ve discovered that’s where joy and bliss are found. And joy is where we gain the strength, focus and consistency to enable us to keep running our race well with Him. It’s the joy of coming up into heavenly places, where the “air is clear and there’s no more fear”, and where all those weights, tiredness, depression and second guessing as to whether we are good enough are lifted off.

Today I encourage you that if you are standing back or remaining on the “shore” looking on at what God is doing, or you see what is possible in Him, to simply take a step forward and choose to go deeper and higher in God. Even if you haven’t got a clue how it all works, tell Him you want more and that you aren’t satisfied. Because whether you hardly know Him at all or you’ve been walking with Him for years, Jesus is saying, “come up here, there’s more”.

“It is he who reveals the profound and hidden things.” (Daniel 2:22)

He rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

“Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things“. (Jeremiah 33:3)

Prayer: Lord I want to go where you lead even if I don’t know what that looks like. I’m trusting you because I know you are good and only have good things in store for me. I’m going to step out and trust you to reveal to me things bigger, wider, higher and better than I thought possible. In Jesus name Amen.

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