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4 Sept – I’m Available

Recently I was really struggling with being available – as in “God whatever you want, wherever it is, I’ll be there.” I had a list of “no can do’s” for God to read and was often triggered by past hurts and feelings of being ready to go to war with anyone who pushed one of my “no can do’s” buttons.

However I have come to the conclusion that if we want to be at peace and to really know God’s heart and plan unfold in our life, we also have to get to the point (and remain there) of completely trusting that God isn’t going to cause us harm by the places or the people He leads us to. We may learn some things about ourselves and others on the journey, but if we keep a soft heart and short accounts, we are going to be okay.

Those simple words “I’m available” may not seem significant, but when spoken from a sincere heart they can galvanise us and God’s plan for our lives into action and cause amazing things to happen.

It is important to understand also that many times our unavailability can get in the way. It’s a fallacy to think that all of God’s will and desires actually happen without any issues. I’m fairly certain He always wants to move a lot more than what we make room for or allow, and that we can get in the way of His plans through our complacency, fears and stubbornness.

Take for instance Jonah, who ran from God’s request rather than simply following his initial plan. Extreme measures had to be put in place such as sending a giant fish to save his life because he wasn’t where he should have been. God’s plans were eventually fulfilled, but it would have been far simpler if Jonah had made himself completely available to God in the first place. (Jonah 1)

In contrast is David who made himself available and without hesitation ran into battle to fight Goliath with only a slingshot. He knew God’s hand upon his life and saw the blessing of God on his life as a result.

As I daily surrender my “no can do’s” to God, let go of negative past experiences and make myself available, my peace seems to always return, and with it an expectation for better things ahead.

God knows the plans and dreams He has placed in your heart. He sees where you’ve been hurt and disappointed in the past, what you’re working towards and how to make you shine for who you are. However it’s far easier to get us to that point when we allow Him to lead and guide us. Where and how God does that may not always be what we expect, but if we stay the course the results and life we get to live will be better than we imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)

Prayer: Lord I want to make myself available to you to lead and guide me wherever and however you need to. Please help me not to get distracted or discouraged, but to trust that you always want the best for me. In Jesus name Amen.

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