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6 Dec - You Were Made To Rise Higher

My eldest son was climbing on our roof today and being a Mum I was trying not to worry that he would fall and hurt himself. Not content with collecting what he and his brother had thrown onto the roof of our two-story house, he unperturbed by my angst decided to climb higher until he was standing out the front of the house's roof in a stance like he was King of the world.

I went inside and asked my husband, “Why do boys always have to be climbing things and standing on roofs?” Appearing unconcerned and chuckling to himself, he replied, “They are made to rise higher”.

At this point, I remembered that I used to love climbing trees and therefore rising higher is not isolated to boys or men and I needed to let our sons push the limits a little. It’s how they grow and become strong men.

I think inherently, there is the desire to climb, explore, push the limits, and conquer obstacles within each of us. Otherwise, as babies, we would be content to lie in one spot and would never bother to learn to walk, run or climb anything.

Depending on our environment, conditioning, life experiences and personality, we, to varying degrees, will attempt to climb higher, do more things and push limits all our lives.

The predominant factor that affects that “rising higher” in us is when we are told we can’t, it’s too risky, dangerous, or not what you do. If we listen to this narrative, (which isn't God's heart or plan for us) this will hugely determine what we do and become.

It’s something I have been contemplating the last few years as I watch my six children grow older. I’ve now decided rather than parenting and giving advice from a place of fear and protection; I want to live, love, and encourage from a place of faith and trust. That means letting my boys climb on roofs whilst I advise them to stay on the strongest areas or encouraging my daughter that she should apply to that post-grad programme even though she’ll have to be away for months, it will cost her money, and she won’t know anyone.

Because if it’s going to help them grow and has the potential for them to rise higher, they should go for it.

It’s also in cheering on one of our other daughters when she mentions getting her motorbike license and her plans to buy her own bike. I could freak out and reason she could be hurt or killed, or exhort her to be that creative, adventurous woman she is.

As my husband so wisely said, “They were made to rise higher.”

Perhaps as Bob Goff says in his book Dream Big, it is all about, "Trading what is easily available for that which is worthwhile. It’s that distinction that has the power to change everything in your life.”

I encourage you today to determine to rise higher. Seek God for wisdom to recognise what is worthwhile and his best plan for your life. Then focus your life, faith, and efforts on knowing what you want, why you want it and what you will do about it. That clarity when harnessed and acted upon is unstoppable and brings great joy in the journey.

As the bible says, “but the people who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32)

Go and climb something today; the view is great up there.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you have made me to rise higher and to do great things. Please help me to know what is worthwhile as I examine what I want, why I want it and what I am going to do about it. Would you guide and direct me in the best way forward today. In Jesus name Amen.

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