7 July – Take A Holiday

Today at the stables I got reacquainted with my old friend Omi. He happens to be a lovely white Arabian horse who I used to ride about 18months ago until he started bucking everyone who rode him off – myself included. Today however Omi was like a new creature. Instead of being grumpy, skittish and prone to do unpredictable things, Omi was one happy very, very relaxed horse.

The difference is that Omi has been on holiday. He’s eaten lots, chilled out, hung out with his mates in the paddock and just taken a well earned break. Omi’s holiday has made a massive difference to his whole demeanor and behaviour, and today he was a dream to ride.

It made me think about how important taking a holiday is. None of us, horses included, are designed to be constantly at work, or doing the same thing day in and day out. We all benefit from a rest, a change of scenery and to regularly make the time to hit the reset button in our lives so that we can get perspective and recharge.

A holiday can be as simple as taking the day to relax, or doing something different from our everyday routine. Perhaps it’s going away for the weekend to a new holiday spot, spending time with friends, eating our favourite food over a movie, taking an adventure, trying something new or just chilling out somewhere.

Holidays are important. It’s where we make memories, reconnect with ourselves and others, allow time for what’s really important, as we take a breather to reset, recharge and refocus.

Today do yourself a favour and book a holiday. If Omi’s anything to go by it will  do wonders in your life, and might just give you the added boost and energy you need to achieve the things you have been working so hard for.

Prayer: Lord please help me to make time to be able to recharge, refocus and reset. That I will know where and how to do that and that you would provide for me to be able to take a holiday. In Jesus name Amen.

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