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AOK – Acts of Kindness


Why are Acts of Kindness – or what we call AOK’s at South Central Church ( so powerful?

Jesus reveals to us why Kindness and Love in action are so impacting. 

In Matthew 14:1-14 the Bible says that even when John the Baptist was brutally murdered and Jesus went away to be alone with his grief, he didn’t strike out or deviate from the way of love. The people followed Jesus not giving any time or space to be alone at such a painful time, yet He was moved with compassion as the crowd followed Him, and healed their sick.

There is an important lesson to be learnt from Jesus’ actions.

Jesus overcame evil with good! He overcame the works of Satan, who is the author of death and destruction, with compassion. He defeated hatred with love. He attacked Satan in the spirit realm by destroying his works of sickness and disease.

That’s why Acts of Kindness #AOK are so powerful. Wherever love and compassion is being demonstrated it destroys evil, and cultivates Love!

The Bible tells us that we are able to live this way because His love has been shed abroad in our hearts (Rom 5:5). We all have a huge God given capacity for love, compassion and kindness. 

As we spend time with the author of Love and value and keep his Words in our minds and hearts, our hearts are moved just like His heart is for those around us.

1 John 2:5 says “His love is perfected in us as we keep His Word”.

The Bible, which is God’s word to us, is full of Love, kindness, and compassion!

Let’s spur one another on to AOK ‘s and overcome evil with good, changing our world!

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