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29 May – God’s Got Something Better


Part of moving on in life is knowing what to hold onto, what to value as part of who we are, and what to let go of so as to make room for the new. All this holding on and letting go can be really hard on us. We invariably want to either hold onto everything, let go of it all or place such choices in the too hard basket and simply do nothing.

However God I’ve discovered isn’t really into doing nothing and staying stagnant but is always shaping and molding us into the best version of ourselves. He does this even if it means having to confront us with some difficult choices and using our circumstances to make us grow.

Joseph in the bible is a great example of how God works in our lives. Joseph was the favoured son of his father and as a result he was gifted a coat of many colours to signify the special place he held in his father’s heart. His ten older brothers didn’t appreciate this obvious favouritism and resented Joseph to the point of wanting to get rid of him permanently. Fortunately for Joseph instead of leaving him to die in a pit his brothers instead tore his special coat and poured blood from an animal all over it to make it look like Joseph had been attacked and killed. Joseph was then sold as a slave and carried off to Egypt where he was sold once again, falsely accused and eventually imprisoned.

Finally after many years God delivered Joseph and he was promoted by Pharaoh to second in command of the whole land of Egypt. “Pharaoh took his signet ring from his finger and put it on Joseph’s finger. He dressed him in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck. He had him ride in a chariot as second in command, and men shouted before him, “Make way!” (Genesis 41; 41-43)

Joseph’s story highlights the importance of trusting God, forgiveness and moving on with what God is doing. If Joseph had simply held onto what his father’s favour and what the coat of many colours had meant to him (even after his position and circumstances had changed), God would not have been able to work in and through him as he did. Joseph would have ended up a depressed, bitter and broken man as a result of his brothers’ betrayal, his slavery and imprisonment. However because he chose to let go of the negatives, adjusted to his circumstances and continued to grow as a person he not only received a new life, but also a new coat and a far more powerful position than his father would ever had offered.

God made sure Joseph’s ‘new coat” and life carried greater authority, wealth and blessing than his first. 

Joseph’s first coat signified his father’s favour, but unfortunately created jealousy and trouble. Whereas Pharaoh’s gift of a “second coat” gave Joseph not only increased favour but also enabled him to bless his whole family, saw his relationships with his brothers and father restored, and saved thousands of people from starvation. 

Today don’t be discouraged if things are changing or you are faced with hard choices and circumstances that are pushing you to let go and move on from the place and status you once held. Take hold of God’s promises, remember who He says you are and be prepared to let go of the old  “coat”  and your past, so you can step into God’s plan and the better things He has for you.

Prayer: Lord please help me to see where you are working and guiding my life. I know that you always work everything out for my good and that if I have to let go of something, or someone that you have better things ahead. I’m choosing to let go of the “old coat” so that I have room for the new one today. In Jesus name Amen.

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