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29 Nov – Audacity To Dream Big

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Audacity; the sheer guts, determination and willingness to boldly think, dream and act a certain way.

In life I think to achieve, thrive and overcome obstacles in our path we all need to have the audacity to believe in ourselves and our dreams. To have the courage and grit to pursue what we are dreaming of and to believe that God’s plan for our life can and will happen.

However having audacity and thinking and dreaming big doesn’t insulate us from taking a few hits along the way. But it does develop, equip and strengthen us to get back up and continue to move forward when the going gets tough. As Martin Luther King once said, “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”. To consistently do that however we must have bold belief and faith to believe it will happen.

People may think you’re crazy, laugh at your dreams, question whether you are hearing from God and talk behind your back. But your destiny is just that – your’s. You need to do you. What do you have the audacity to believe you can achieve and see happen in your life?

Today I encourage you to be bold and to see beyond where you are at today. What does your life look like five years from now? Because thinking about where we’d like to be in the future helps us decide how we will live today? Imagine, pray and start to get a clear picture of what you desire. Give yourself permission and ask for God to help you dream big audacious dreams, knowing that as you do you will become what you think and dream about most.

Whatever a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Prov 23:7)

Prayer: Lord thankyou for the plans you have for my life. Would you please help me to dream big, audacious dreams and to then take steps each day to position myself to achieve them. In Jesus name Amen.

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