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3 June - God Working Behind The Scene

Bring out on tour with a band and team of musician's. I am very aware of all the work that goes into making a show a success. Even though the artists are the attraction and make the show, without all the behind the scenes elements working well, there wouldn't really be a show or not one that is as dynamic or enjoyable to watch.

Behind the scenes there are a whole crew of talented and dedicated individuals, like the sound technicians, who arrive and leave hours before and after everyone else, the venue staff who set up and pack down, cook, clean and sell tickets. The booking agents, tour managers, marketing team, the band and their hours of rehearsals, sound checks, long hours of travel, and the people who run around making everything come together on the day.

Behind every success story, there is always a behind the scene's story of dedication, trust, faith of some kind, work and believing.

God also does a lot of his work in, around and through the behind the scenes. It can seem like nothing is happening because we can't visually see it, but then if we are patient and don't give up on his process we will see the fruit of all of His behind the scenes manoeuvres.

Winter is a good example of how God operates and we can a learn a lot from this yearly occurrence about God being at work behind the scenes.

In winter the landscape looks barren and cold, and there is no new growth visible...and then the first shoots of new growth emerge as spring starts to arrive. It's much the same when He works in us and its a reminder that even if we have winter seasons, spring is going to arrive.

It's by faith and patience we inherit the promises, and as I say, if it's not good yet, then God's not done yet.

Today I encourage you to trust God and the process and know that He is always working to help you become the person He created you to be and to align you to walk in the good things he planned in advance for you to walk in.

He's working to make all things work together for your good, so trust Him and go and enjoy your day. (Romans 8:28)

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you are working even when I cant' see or feel it. I trust you to working all things together for my good today. In Jesus name Amen.

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