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4 Feb – Make things better

The story of Joseph in the bible is inspiring on many levels – life just couldn’t keep this guy down. But what stands out to me about this story is Joseph’s attitude and determination to rise above any hard knocks he experienced and to purpose that he would make things better wherever he found himself.

Joseph was the favoured son of Jacob out of his 11 brothers. So much so that his father unwisely gave him visible preferential treatment such as gifting him with expensive clothing which advertised his favoured position. His brothers hated him for it and Joseph being young and immature was not very gracious towards his brothers. (see Joseph’s story in Genesis chapt 37-47)

One day the brothers enraged by Joseph’s behaviour decided to kill him. Fortunately his eldest brother at the last moment said he should be thrown down a well and left there rather than them shedding their own brothers blood. While trapped down the well the brothers were approached by slave traders who bought Joseph and carried him off to Egypt to be sold into a rich man’s household.

Joseph, as all of us do when faced with adversity, had a choice to make – either bow to his circumstances and give up on his future or rise above it, grow and determine to make wherever he found himself benefit from His presence.

Joseph chose to dig deep within himself, trusted God had a plan for his life and rose above his circumstances as best he could. His attitude was witnessed by his master and he was soon put in charge of the whole household causing his master to profit. Some unfortunate misunderstanding however landed Joseph in jail where we find him once again digging deep, trusting God and risi g to prominence as he sought to make things better wherever he was. Eventually as God wove grace and forgiveness into Joseph’s life he was released from jail and placed second in charge of the whole Kingdom where all his experience, leadership skills and ability to make things better saved many people’s lives and alleviated much suffering from the effects of widespread drought and crop failure.

Today I encourage you to take a lesson from Joseph and determine to not bow under difficulties, hurt or disappointment, but with God’s help and strengthening rise above whatever you may found yourself in. Rise up, trust that God will work all things together for your good, be teachable, and look out for how you can make things better wherever or with whomever you are with. For if we have the attitude of taking even the little we may have in our hand to benefit and make things better God will bless us with more.

The one who manager the little he has been given with faithfulness and integrity will be promoted and trusted with greater responsibilities. But those who cheat with the little they have been given will not be considered trustworthy to receive more”. (Luke 16:10 TPT)

Prayer: Lord thankyou for what I do have in my hand already to use, whether that be resources, skills, experience or time. Please help me to use these things to make things better wherever or with whomever I am with today. In Jesus name amen

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