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15 April – Keep moving forward


Many people know what it is to have a dream and many also know what it feels like when they “haven’t done quite what they set out to do”. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and we can wonder where we went wrong, whether we heard from God correctly and what we should do now?

I’ve discovered that it’s really important to look at what we do have going for us at these times. It’s helpful to stop, reflect, pinpoint and write down where and why we feel like we’ve failed or are disappointed and then also where we have experienced success.

Then we can build on our successes and seek God over whether we can do anything about those things that didn’t go according to plan.

Today take a few moments to assess how your vision and dreams are progressing. If you feel like you are beginning to drift or come to a “stand still” or you are suffering from discouragement, take a moment to step back, seek God and reassess.

Is the reality of pursuing your vision and dream what you thought? Is the passion still there? Do you need to take some time for God to heal and restore you?

What little step can you make today towards fulfilling the bigger picture? You may not feel like you can do everything right now, but what can you do?

Keep building on your successes, and do what you can do to work towards achieving your dream.

You may not be the best at whatever you are working towards yet, but you can practice, train and start to build an image inside you of success and blessing today.

To help you keep your focused here are some things to remember:

1.  Encourage yourself with God’s word – it’s “the manual for success” and holds the wisdom of Heaven in it.

2. Let go and give over any past disappointments or failures to God, and let Him restore your self-worth and self-esteem with what He says about you. Allow Him to renew the image inside of you to one of success and not failure, being blessed instead of feeling cursed, healthy instead of sick, abundantly supplied instead of living in lack, bold instead of fearful, and loved instead of rejected.

3. Write down God’s promises and carry them around with you. Then every time you have a negative or fearful thought you can remind yourself of God’s love and promises, and renew your mind with what God says about your future.

4. Surround yourself with those people who will believe with you, pray for you, and encourage you in your dreams and vision.

God says, “Roll your works upon the Lord. (Commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and) so shall your plans be established and succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)

“Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.”(Psalm 37:5)

Decide what you can do today to keep moving forward, and then do it!

Prayer: Lord help to know where I am succeeding and where I need encouraging in your Word. Please show me what I can do right now to keep walking towards my dream and the vision you have put inside of me. In Jesus name Amen.

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