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18 Sept – Out Of Egypt

I once had a vision where I was standing on the edge of the Red Sea watching as Moses stood with his staff stretched out over the waters, waiting for them to part.

The words God spoke to Moses that day rung in my ears and heart as I watched Moses stand firm, even as the enemy army approached…. “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.” (Exodus 14:13)

At the time we really needed God to deliver us from a really difficult and high pressure situation. My husband and I were struggling to know what to do next. The phone was ringing constantly with people threatening to take us to court and maligning and attacking us in whatever way they could.

I’d been crying out to God and trying to get still so I could hear him give me some direction, when suddenly I saw the vision of Moses, and heard God speak to my heart. ” Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

I took those simple but powerful words and put them next to my bed, where they still remain today. They were the last thing I saw every night and the first thing I read every morning as God walked us out of our own “Egypt”. They got me through, and we did indeed see God’s hand and deliverance from what previously had been an impossible situation.

Standing still and waiting for God to direct and move can be a really hard thing to do when you are under pressure or just want to do something, anything to fix a situation. Standing however doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing. Instead it’s choosing to hold a posture of peace and stillness, even when the storm is raging all around you in the natural. It’s standing still on the inside, in faith and trust that God is moving and directing your steps. It’s standing still waiting for God’s directive and word to you.

Moses stood still, heard God’s speak and then acted in faith as He spoke God’s promise to the people. Then as instructed he stretched his staff out over the waters and saw God’s awesome power move. God literally, “stepped into their Egypt, took them all by the hand and marched them out in freedom.” (Cory Asbury)

Because Moses didn’t give way to panic and start freaking out, he and all the people with him experienced what is now a famous miracle and were delivered from the enemy.

Today whatever you may be facing or perhaps wanting to get busy fixing, take some time to seek God and His plan. He knows exactly how to get you where you need to be, has a strategy to outsmart the enemy, and also the most effective way for you to achieve your goals. Stand firm on the inside, listen for God’s voice and watch for what God will do when you put your life in his hands. Let Him walk you out of your “Egypt”.

Prayer: Lord thank you that you are the God who delivers us. Please speak to me today, guide my steps and teach me how to stand and yet be still in your presence, as you direct your next move. In Jesus name Amen.

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