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24 Oct – Don’t settle!

If there is one thing I don’t want to do in life it is to settle. To settle in that I don’t become all that God made me to be. To settle for less than I should; to come under things instead of rising above them. To accept; be intimidated, compromise and think, talk and feel about my life and future circumstances contrary to what God says about me in His Word.

The pressure however to settle in life is intense. We can settle under things and grow to believe that what we really desire is unattainable or simply doesn’t happen to people like us. Often when we settle it is because we struggle to believe we are of value and worth. We believe the lie that we and our life won’t amount to much and that our financial, physical and emotional state “is what it is, and that’s it”. We can settle for relationships that pull us down rather than lift us up, and we never really attempt challenging or difficult things which push us out of our comfort zone.

However Jesus’ example when He walked the earth reveals that we were never created to settle. Where many religious people and leaders in the community said that if you were sick and an outcast then that’s what you were. You were even given special areas to live and a beggars garment to wear. Yet Jesus cleansed those same lepers, restored dignity to the outcast and downtrodden and gave hope and a future to the lost and broken. He provided food for the hungry and accepted all who came to Him. His first 12 friends or disciples were uneducated fishermen and scorned tax collectors, but not once did Jesus ask or expect people to settle in their poverty, sickness, lack, loss or brokenness, and so neither should we!

There is a fine line and often confusion about being content with what we have, and settling for less than we ought. Fortunately God’s Word gives us wisdom and direction on how to live a life of contentment whilst not settling. Every time it looks too hard; you are tempted to give up, you are questioning whether you should try something new; believe for better for your life and future, or you need encouragement to not settle take time to read how God feels about you and what He says about you and your future. He says you are an overcomer, that you are able to do all things through His strength; that He has good things planned for your life, people for you to meet and love. He promises to heal, restore and provide for every need, and to help you fulfill that for which you were made.

“In all these things we are triumphantly victorious due to the one who loved us”. (Romans 8:37)

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. (Philippians 4 :13)

“He who did not spare His own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things”. (Romans 8:32)

When we live knowing we are loved and accepted by God who wants and plans the very best for us we gain a contentment within us, but also a strength which motivates us to make the most of every day we have been blessed with. It motivates us to not settle because as we live fully and joyfully our lives bring honour to God.

Draw near to Jesus and His Word today and let Him restore your hope and ignite your faith. Don’t settle for less than what Jesus died to give you, or believe that what you hope for is impossible, for God says “nothing is impossible for Him!” (Matthew 19:26)

Prayer: Jesus I take hold of everything you died and rose again to give me. I refuse to settle any longer and I choose to believe and trust you to help me achieve, become and experience everything I was born for. In Jesus name Amen.

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