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28 Oct – Dive In Deep

There is a Latin maxim, which says, “True breadth is achieved through depth”. Much like when you travel to a different country and instead of trying to see and experience everything, you only choose a few places and see them well. This strategy I think is far better than attempting to see everything at once, and then becoming so exhausted that each place you visit just blurs into another so that you can’t really remember anything in particular when you return home.

We can experience this dilemma in every area of our life; in our relationships with God and other people, our education, experiences and life in general. We can easily settle for experiencing things in a hit and miss way, never really discovering our passions, abilities and the depth of wonder around us because we lack the time and commitment to go deeper.

Seeking depth means we lighten the load; we make our life simpler and less complicated; we choose to focus on those things that are truly worth our time and effort. We choose less, so that we might go deeper!

Today I encourage you to examine your life and assess whether you are just skimming the surface in your relationships, experiences and in your pursuit of Jesus? Are you merely paddling around in the shallows in your education and the exploring of the world around you, never really being inspired or excited by what you see because there is no depth to your discoveries.

The choice is ours everyday whether we come out of the shallows, in order to dive in deep. To expect and pray as Paul prayed when talking about going deeper in God– “so that I may know Him (Jesus) (becoming more thoroughly acquainted with Him, understanding the remarkable wonders of His Person more completely and in that same way experience the power of His resurrection which overflows and is active in believers”. (Philippians 3:9-10 AMP)

Prayer: Lord please help me to prioritise those relationships and pursuits that are worth going deeper in. Most of all help me to go deeper in my relationship with you. I want to come out of the shallows. In Jesus name Amen

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