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30 June – Know Who To Run To

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Some very dark and ominous rain clouds gathered on the horizon as I rode today. The sky quickly turned darker and more threatening shades of grey and I found myself quietly telling the rain to hold up until I was off my horse and safely under cover.

Fast forward half and hour and the weather was steadily worsening as I put Jackson safely into his paddock and gathered his tack and my belongings as fast as I could. Those dark storm clouds weren’t going to hold up any longer and within seconds of picking up my things, the heavens opened and the wind was slamming rain into my face as I made a run for shelter and the safety of the tack room.

Fortunately I knew where to run to for shelter and the quickest route to get there. I didn’t wait around for the full force of the storm to hit me, nor did I pick up or take anything that wasn’t necessary. I got what was important and ran to where I knew I’d be safe to wait out the storm.

It got me thinking that today’s storm is similar to how life can be. Storm clouds ominously gather over our heads and we feel like we’re getting battered about by our circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in.  I’t’s why it’s so important when life looks a little crazy, confusing and storms are overhead to know where to run to.

For me that means running to Jesus and the strength and safety I find in His presence. He has always enabled me to get through any storm I’ve faced and given me the strength and guidance to be able to keep going no matter how much life has tried to tear me down or batter me about. Plus now after knowing who to run to and where to find my comfort and strength I’ve discovered that some storms which would have previously worried or had me running in fear no longer bother me …I either ignore their threat or laugh in the midst of their noise because I know I have the strength in who I am in Jesus to face them. Some stormy skies just don’t scare me anymore.

Today I encourage you to know who to run to. Jesus is a safe haven and a secure fortress to which we will find shelter and peace regardless of the circumstances. He knows what we need and how to comfort us, so that we will not just find shelter from the storm but will be equipped and enabled to keep moving forward no matter how the storm rages.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper, the waves of the sea were hushed.” (Psalm 107:29)

“The LORD is a mighty tower where his people can run for safety.” (Proverbs 18:10)

Prayer: Lord thank you that I can always run to you. Please remind me that no matter what I may face in life I can find my shelter and strength in you to withstand the storm until it is quiet again. In Jesus name Amen.

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