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4 June – Do It Again God

do it again

We all make memorials in our lives whether we are aware of them or not. These memorials are the memories and keepsakes we have from the past that either trigger us into a good space or a negative one.

Last night I was reminded of how powerful memorials can be when my husband Philip and I were going off to sleep. I was praying for my man as he wasn’t feeling well when I felt God whisper, “Remember all the times I’ve come through for you before.” “Remember where I’ve healed, provided and moved in your life to bring the answer”. “Now stir up your faith and believe for me to do it again!”

I promptly nudged my husband and said, “Hey we need to remember what God has done before.” “Let’s have a competition and see who can remember the most times where God has moved and answered our prayers before.” “Let’s make it interesting and go right back to when we first met.”

Over the next hour we talked, laughed and reminisced about all the miracles, answers to prayer, provision, healing and just God demonstrating He is God in our lives. Things like recounting when a whole row of people who’d had one leg shorter than the other miraculously had their legs grow to the same length right in front of our eyes.

Of when I was healed of a chronic and painful, joint condition and asthma so that I felt like a new person walking around.

Both of us praying together and seeing deaf ears open, sciatic nerves instantly healed, people fall pregnant who had been trying for years, warts shrivel up and drop off, money appearing and multiplying, car accidents miraculously averted where it could only have been angels in our midst protecting us, provision appearing in our bank accounts, mail box and by unexpected gifts.

Answers like our daughter being amazingly healed of asthma, or another daughter having a nasty burn and blistering skin restored as we watched. Of our son being healed in six days from a virus that caused contagious blisters all over his body (when medically speaking it takes at least 18 months to recover from). Or one of my personal favourites, remembering how Philip had preached healing for the lepers in a leprosy village church, (a gutsy thing to do in the first place) and a man who had leprosy and hadn’t been able to feel his legs for over 8 yrs, on being prayed for suddenly yelling, “I can feel my legs, I can feel my legs.

Having memorials of what God has done can’t help but stir up your faith….it kicks fear in the butt and catapults you into a place of belief instead of doubt. Last night we essentially preached ourselves happy!

Today if you are struggling or trying to overcome something in your life take the time to recount what God has done already. As I say, “What have you already got in your pocket that God has done for you”?

If you are looking at the world and thinking, “God help us” then instead of shrinking back in discouragement and fear find out what God has done in the past to change lives, communities and whole nations against incredible odds. If you don’t have any stories of your own then have a listen to other people’s. Research the great moves of God in history and  in the bible about how God has moved before and stir up your faith to believe for change again. He’s no respecter of persons and what He has done for one person or nation He can and will do for another. So believe Him to do it again! (Acts 10:34)

“For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” (Revelation 12:11)

Here is a song by Elevation Worship called “Do It Again” to encourage you to believe God to move in your life and to answer whatever you are facing today.

Prayer: Lord thank you for all the times where you have answered me. I remember today that you have answered me when you…………………………………….., and that nothing is impossible or too hard for you. Would you do it again Lord. In Jesus name Amen.

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