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8 Nov – How to prosper your soul (pt 2)

prosper you soul pt 2

Our spirit can be soaring but if we don’t make sure our soul -our will, emotions and thoughts are kept uplifted and prospering then the joy we can know in having a relationship with God can be hugely affected. Not only will we struggle in our walk with Jesus, we will more than likely start to beat ourselves up about the fact that we think we should be more joyful but aren’t. Thats where we need to realise the importance of ensuring our souls are being daily renewed and restored.

God knows us and He actually promises to restore and prosper our soul when we draw aside and spend time with Him. A few moments sitting with Him and letting Him minister to and refresh our souls is more restorative than anything the world has to offer. When we come to Him He lifts our burdens, teaches us how to rest and breathes much needed life into our souls.

He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’ sake“. (Psalm 23:3)

God understands that everyone is wired differently so throughout our day he orchestrates places, experiences and people in our day that will help and continually refresh and restore us. That does mean that what refreshes one person may not work for another. An example of individual prospering is how my husband prospers his soul by drinking good coffee, whereas I think it tastes terrible. Some people feel uplifted and their soul prospered while watching or playing sport, or walking quietly alone on the beach, while others love creating, lots of activity, people or music. The key is to find the balance and understand how God has uniquely wired each of us, and then to seek to tend to the individual needs of our soul.

Take some time alone with God today, give Him your burdens, let Him refresh and restore your soul, and then be aware throughout the day of those things that inspire, uplift and refresh your soul.

Prayer: Lord would you please restore and refresh my soul today and guide me into those things that will prosper and uplift me throughout my day. In Jesus name Amen.

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